Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions With Wind Energy

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Wind energy is becoming just as popular as solar energy because of how much it is able to save money-wise and how much impact it has on the environment. Using the natural power of the wind can be one of the best things you are able to do when it comes to powering your home or farm. A lot of brand new farms are switching to this type of energy because it also reduces costs which can pile up over the course of years.Is this new to you? Read more…

How Wind Turbines Generate Electricity

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Since energy cannot be created, it’s important to bear in mind that wind turbines are changing energy from one form to another. Wind is a type of solar energy, since it occurs as a result of the sun heating the earth (along with other factors). The job of the turbine is to change that energy to usable electrical energy.

When the wind blows, the blades of the wind turbine turn. The spinning causes a shaft to turn. That shaft is connected to a generator, which changes the Read more…

Are Wind Turbines Really Harmful To Birds?

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Wind energy is a popular way to save money on energy costs. Wind farms are located throughout the nation. They are operated by power companies and generate a lot of green energy. Birds rarely fly into the wind turbines. If they do accidentally fly into one of the turbines, they will likely be severely injured. These powerful wind turbines create a tremendous amount of wind power.

There are other sources of renewable energy such as solar panels.The full explanation can be found at July 2013

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